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Alone in Church

Before adulthood, I went to a variety of different churches. I never enjoyed it when I was younger and my parents forced me to go. It was not that I was mad at God or I did not believe, it was the people in the church. The problem was that I never was really acceptedContinue reading “Alone in Church”

Learning to Mask

Masking is something that I never knew about or understood until recently. That fact that I was doing it did not mean that I knew what I was doing. Masking is a behavior that autistic people learn in order to fit into their environment. They can use it to be successful in their careers, makeContinue reading “Learning to Mask”

Joining the Army

The Army both hurt me and helped me in regards to autism looking at the 10 years spent there. That is not what this post is about though, this is about how I used my hyper focus to accomplish something good. Having not known that I had high-functioning autism, I joined the Army at theContinue reading “Joining the Army”

Growing up Undiagnosed

Contrary to the truth, I never considered my behavior throughout my life as abnormal, let alone autistic. I always thought I was different but attributed that to my experiences. I would also suspect that most people do not consider their behavior as out of the ordinary. It is not something people normally consider when theyContinue reading “Growing up Undiagnosed”

Why start a blog?

I guess the best place to begin is why I am starting this blog. Blogging has never been something that I dreamed about, nothing that I desired to do, but as I find out more about myself daily I want to share this knowledge with others in the hope that if they are struggling orContinue reading “Why start a blog?”

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